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Long time ago after certain mishap our family positions become severe and economically we are not sound at that time.I used to have habit of saving money so I invest it to a brokering house but unfortunately they looses my hard earned money.

One day one of my friend told me about Soman NInan and I gave him very minimum amount of money and after 2 years he return me 5 times of that amount. I was so pleased that I can't describe. From that day I just follow him and believe him blindly. He is very honest and polite most important he has great knowledge in the field.

He is now our financial adviser and we became economically sound again.All thanks to Soman NInan.

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please google on Soman Ninan and you will find he is a fraudster ... he has swindled close to crores from people

Gurgaon, Haryana, India #646625

Awesome dud!!! Coolest guy!! Hats off to you on the recovery, now become bigger, better and stronger!

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India #638100

He helped me a lot.Though people wrote bad things about him and did bad things to him he kept his word.

Guys like him are rare. Thanks Soman. You have a friend always.

Keep believing in yourself and you will achieve great things.All the best

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India #628218

Great guy, awesome dude...way ahead of the curve and you should never underestimate him! wish him the best and way to go dude, thanks for making my deal happen!!

Bangalore, Karnataka, India #617652

Yes he too disappeared for a couple of years after 2008 but in December contacted me and last month completed all my pending payments.Nice guy.

I owe him a lot.

I stand corrected for my previous views about him.I have learnt a lot from him

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India #610623

I had invested money with Soman and got no papers for it.It was all trust.

In 2007, he told me all the money was lost and I didnot hear from him again. I saw all sorts of negative information about him on the net. I wondered if he will ever pay me back but I knew he would never cheat me. Last month I got a credit in account and I didnot know from where the money came.

Soman sent me a email later and said he put all my money back in the account.

He is an awesome guy!!I cant say how happy I am :)

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India #589662

I invested my savings with Soman in 2004 and he used to pay my returns every year.In 2009 i lost all my money.

I didnt hear from Soman for two years and then in 2011 , he started paying my money every month. I never expected to hear from him because there was no paperwork but he repaid all my cash.

I owe him alot.I wish him the best

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India #582900

Yes he helped me alot. The 2008 financial crisis hit everyone but Soman was kind enough to return my money after a few years. Reliable guy.

Delhi, Delhi, India #579137

Soman NInan Pissed OFf ...


:) I will call Soman NInan a money Saver. Keep going man!!!

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